10 adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions

10/ The Double Bed

master The bed sleeping position, you’ll need a fellow cat who won’t mind getting their head squished by a pair of furry legs. you would possibly struggle to seek out a cat willing to endure this, though, so you would possibly need to bend the reality a touch – otherwise, you could just offer them a toasty and warm bed reciprocally.

You’ll just conveniently forget to inform them that the second bed is really yours also. You know, because one huge bed just isn’t enough.

9/ The Baby Position

People often say that pets imitate their owners. And, well, this cat seems to possess gotten his owners a touch bit confused. Nevertheless, (most) babies get an honest night’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat get an honest night’s sleep too?

For this position, you’ll need a rather larger frame, and short little legs and arms to make the specified effect. Cats who adopt the Baby Position often have their own motto; find the baby, be the baby.

8/The Rough Night

Let’s be honest, we all know what we would like after a rough night on the town – an honest nap. However, when we’re a touch worse for wear, we don’t really care where or how we get to sleep.

It might be propped abreast of the restroom, it might be on the kitchen floor, or it might be nestled in between a couple of radiator pipes. we all know which one we’d choose because this guy looks super comfortable. Although he might want to brush his fur within the morning.

7/The Book Worm

This is a clumsy sleeping position we will definitely drag. For this position, you’ll need an honest stack of books of your choosing – you’ll grab some classics, some thrillers, some romantic comedies or maybe go non-fiction if you’re feeling extra wild.

Next, you would like to adopt the worm position and lay on top of the books. Rumor has it you dream of the stories once you sleep within the Book Worm. We can’t confirm this though, so you’ll need to try it out for yourselves…

6/The Contortionist (Couch Edition)

Okay, therefore the aim of The Contortionist (Couch Edition) is straightforward – and may be executed by any cat of any age and any breed. All you would like maybe a couch, and therefore the ability to bend and twist your body in any way and direction.

You can twist however you wish, but it’s best to stay your belly facing upwards – as this presents your humans with optimum scratching area. Sit back, (kinda) relax, and scratch away, humans.

5/The Head Rush

There are one sure-fire thanks to confirming you get an honest night’s sleep – and that’s the top Rush sleeping position. Okay, yeah. It does cause you to pass out. But a minimum of it causes you to nod off, right?
No more tossing and turning trying to urge comfortable.

Just turn your head the wrong way up and let it happen. DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t actually make a cat pass out. this stuff doesn’t apply to cats.

4/Big Spoon, Little Spoon

We all know that spooning is sort of possibly the foremost comfortable sleeping position… if you’re the small spoon. the large spoon, however, gets a mouth filled with cat fur and hairballs and stiff legs. And it’s not pretty.

These cats don’t seem to possess mastered the relaxing spoon sleeping position though – mainly because they’re both just about an equivalent size. Instead, the one at the rear seems like he’s got the opposite one during a headlock. That can’t be comfortable.

3/The Narco-Cat

No, this isn’t Pablo Escobar’s newest recruit (although that might be an incredibly epic addition to the TV show). The Narco-Cat sleeping position is extremely refined and it takes a special cat to perfect it.

This cat is that a quite cat that suffers from severe narcolepsy and can sleep anywhere, anytime. it’d be mid-sentence. it’d be mid-scratch. Or it’d even be mid-walk. There’s just no way of knowing. It’s all-natural, yo.

2/The Furry Pile of Fluff

The Furry Pile of Fluff. This sleeping position is sort of possibly one among the simplest ones – if you’ll find a couple of friends to assist you out. All you would like maybe a few fluff balls to lie on top of every other to stay everyone snug.

Although if you get the prospect, attempt to avoid bottom bunk – as you’ll be pretty toasty, but might awaken a touch winded with all of your furry friends on top of you.

1/The Window Ledge

When it involves The Window Ledge awkward sleeping position, there are not any limits. If you see a Window Ledge, you go sleep there, gurl. you are doing you.

These ledges give cats the right mixture of support and softness – because there’s nothing better than letting it all hang around because it flows around cold, steel bars. Apparently. Unfortunately, the Window Ledge doesn’t accompany its own pillow, so you’ll get to use your paws for that