Car accidents square measure enough to urge your vasoconstrictive pumping, however, once you’ve simply had a significant accident along with your horse trailer in tow, things will go from shivery to downright deadly in no time. You never plan to have an accident, but if you do, it’s important to know how to handle it so that your horses and passengers survive the experience. If you’re in associate degree accident involving a horse injury, follow the following tips to stay things underneath control

1-Accident horse in a car

Approach the trailer cautiously. Even if your horse isn’t seriously out of action, he’s undoubtedly afraid — and an afraid horse is often a dangerous horse. Approach the trailer slowly, don’t run-up to that, and try to assess the condition of your horse from outside the trailer. Keep all doors and windows shut till you’re able to conceive to extract your horse, horses generally see openings in horse trailers as ways to freedom, even if they’re much too tiny for a horse to squeeze through.

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