1. Pit Bull

No, we’re not talking about the singer, but rather the foremost dangerous dog breed there’s. They rate higher in terms of human body count and attacks than the Husky because of their aggressive nature and tendencies of dangerous outbursts. In fact, this breed is basically banned in several countries thanks to its temperament!

If you manage to possess one, train it and train it well to be obedient and slightly less aggressive. However, one thing is needless to mention, a well behaved Pit Bull would be your loyal companion for all times. So take a short time bent visit your local pet adoption center, and grab one of these cuties today!

2. Husky

Much like many of the dogs we’ve on this list, the Husky is quick, fast, and crammed with energy. Huskies are also mainly used as sled dogs too because they’re going to be able to run through the snow and each one. The breed does have a history of being somewhat of a blue-collar dog, they aren’t known to be sociable with other dogs, or animals generally.

Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous, because they’re. Unlike several of the dogs on this list, Huskies have claimed quite a number of human lives. Such incidents happened as recently as 1998 when the dogs were responsible for fatally attacking 15 people.

3. Great Dane

When we consider Great Danes, we tend to believe Scooby-Doo, the lovable, cowardly canine of the Mystery Inc. gang. In the world , the dog could even be lovable, but it’d be knowing not to get on this canine’s bad side. While the name and size of this dog give it an imposing feel, there’s little question that the great Dane is one of the foremost dangerous breeds within the world…if not taken care of properly, that is.

The adult Great Danes can convince be terrifying dogs with their size; 86 cm tall and 200 pounds heavy. There have also been incidents of people getting mauled by some Great Danes, one such case was in 2003, leading to the death of a toddler in South Carolina by said dog. Yikes!

4. German Shepherd

Much like the Doberman, the dog |alsatian|shepherd dog|sheepdog|sheep dog”> working-dog |alsatian|shepherd dog|sheepdog|sheep dog”> German shepherd was and remains known for being a police dog. German Shepherds are also quite imposing in stature, which they are also known for biting down hard, enough to cause excruciating pain, or even send small animals and even humans to their demise.

An incident occurred in 2013, where a woman suffered a bite from her beloved German shepherd. She ended up dying 2 days later. However, very almost like the other breeds on this list, these cases are rare and shouldn’t deter you from adopting a lovable German shepherd.

5. Malamute

While Malamutes look fluffy and cuddly on the surface, they’re incredibly dangerous too, very almost like many adorable creatures are. Malamutes are helpful sled dogs and thus the breed is additionally the official dog of Alaska. Their intimidating stature is enough to daunt the faint of heart, also as smaller animals, but you’ll bet that the dog can hunt you right down to no end.


Malamutes are also known for having a high prey drive, and this means that they don’t follow smaller animals on the daily, which proves bad for us humans. The last recorded attacks from Malamutes were from 1966 to 1980, and within those years, there are 5 recorded fatal attacks. Lucky for you if you manage to possess and properly train one, but we actually can’t make sure, can we?