As riders, whether hobbyists enjoying a hack around the block or more serious aspiring competitors, we are very lucky in that we have a wealth of inspirational famous horse riders to look up to. These include dressage stars, showjumping aficionados, jockeys, cross country experts, all available for a bit of studying at the touch of a button!

You can google just about anything these days, and this includes famous horse riders so you can learn things from their style – or simply enjoy watching the beautiful magic worked between horse and rider. Following is a list of some of the most well known and celebrated riders, their discipline and a little bit of information so you can decide who you want to find out more about.

Charlotte Dujardin (1987-Present)

  • Source: Instagram / @charlotte_dujardincbe
  • Source: Instagram / @charlotte_dujardincbe
  • Source: Instagram / @charlotte_dujardincbe

Charlotte Dujardin is the most successful dressage rider in British history. She started riding at age 2, and continues to this day – she is only 33, so should have a good long career ahead of her! She is most well known for winning Gold in both the single and team dressage events the 2012 Olympics on Valegro, a horse with whom she set world records and dominated the dressage scene. Valegro has since retired, but Charlotte’s career continues. Definitely, one to watch out for at all future major equestrian events!

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