Top 5 Largest Horse Breeds in the world

10. Dole

Dole horse

Dole horse – Source:

Dole or Dolehest horse or Dole Gudbrandsdal is a horse-drawn horse originating from Norway. The chest of this horse is wide and deep, while the back is wide with a lot of muscle on their body. In addition, a Fjord has large, round, and dense nails, and their tails are slightly tall.

The Dole horses generally stand 14.1 to 15.3 hands (57 to 63 inches) and weigh 540 to 630 kg (1,190 to 1,390 pounds).

Perhaps in the future horse breeds can be bred so that they will not only have better properties but also grows in size. But for now, the above-listed breeds are the largest horse breeds in the world.

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9. Fjord

Fjord horse

Fjord horse or a draft horse, very strong and agile, originates from the western mountainous regions of Norway.

There is no upper or lower limit height for this breed. Their heights range between 13.1 and 14.3 hands (53 and 59 inches). The weight normally ranges from 400 to 500 kilograms (880 to 1,100 lb).

Fjord horse breed is known as the biggest horse breed.

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8. Suffolk

Suffolk horse

Suffolk or Suffolk Punch or Suffolk Sorrel is a horse-drawn horse breed originating from British. It is a heavy drawn horse so it has a massive appearance and impressive strength. Suffolk horses are known as hard-working and energetic animals.

Suffolk Punches are also one of the largest horse breeds. They generally stand 16.1 to 17.2 hands (65 to 70 inches) and weigh 900 to 1,000 kg.

These Suffolk horses are very powerful in their work.

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7. Russian Heavy Draft

Russian Heavy Draft Horse

Russian Heavy Draft Horse – Source:

The Russian Heavy Draft horse, also called the heavy Soviet draft horse, comes from Russia. It originates from the Belgian Brabant heavy draft horse.

A male Russian Heavy draft horse has an average height of 163 cm and the average weight is 850 kg while a female horse has slightly lower height, which is 160 cm and the weight is just 700 kg. The biggest Soviet draft horse was weighed about 1000 kg.

Ths horse which originates from Russia is one of the biggest horses.

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6. American Cream

American Cream Draft Horse

American White Horse, also known as Cream Horse, is a horse breed originating from the United States, used to tow cars in the 1900s for American nobles.

The Female one has the height ranging from 60-64 inches and weighs 680–730 kilograms, males are pretty taller at 64-67 inches tall and weigh about 820 kg or more.

An American White Horse can weigh over 820 kg.

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5. Dutch Draft

Dutch Draft horse

Dutch Draft horse – Source:

The Dutch Draft horse is a giant cold-blooded horse. Some outstanding characteristics of them are free movements, calm temperament, and good stamina.

The average height of a male Dutch Draft horse is around 63 inches and the average weight is 750 kg. Meanwhile, the average height and weight of the female is about 61 inches and 700 kg.

The Dutch Draft horse has a large and healthy body.

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4. Belgian Draft (Brabant)

belgian draft horse

The Belgian Draft horse is also known by many other names such as Brabant horse, Belgian Heavy Horse. It is a draft horse derived from Brabant region of modern Belgium. This horse breed is one of the strongest among the group of heavy horse breeds.

Belgian heavy draft horses have a height measurement between 16,2 and 17 hands (168 cm – 173 cm). On average, an adult Belgian has the weight over 900 kg. Belgian horses in the United States are slightly smaller than European Brabant but they have the same build.

In currently, the tallest horse in the world is a Brabant one named Big Jack, born in 2000. Its height is up to 82.75 inches when standing.

The largest size Belgian draft horse is named Brooklyn Supreme. It weighs 1,451 kg and heighs  when standing is 19.2 hands (78 inches).

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3. Percheron

percheron horse

The Percherons is a draft horse breed originating in the Huisne river valleys in western France. The ideal size for the Percheron is not the same among countries.

In France, it is about 61-73 inches tall and weighs between 500 and 1,200 kg.

Percherons in the United States often stand between 60 and 76 inches high, average weight is 860 kg. The heaviest one can even reach 1,200 kg. In the UK, the lowest height of this breed is 66 inches and the weight ranges from about 820 to 1000kg.

The Percheron horse definitely is the tallest horses breed.

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2. Clydesdale

Clydesdale Horse Height

The Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse derived from farms in Scotland. Despite its small size in the past, Clydesdale is growing rapidly and has put its name in the list of the largest horse breeds in the world.

Nowadays, a Clydesdale horse can be about 64-72 inches tall and weighs up to 820-910 kg. Some adults are larger, standing 18 hands taller and weighing upto 2,200 pounds (nearly 1 ton).

Clydesdale horses were used by the British Royal cavalry to lead parades during national festivals and feasts. To be used for this purpose, a horse must have a height when standing at least 17 hands (68 inches tall). The chosen horse also needs to be capable of  giving a police officer a ride and putting on two 56-kilogram silver drums.

It is surely included Clydesdale horses when mentioning about huge horses.

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1. Shire

shire horse

Shire horse is a British breed of draft horse or short horse. The Shire is such a powerful horse and it is literally known as the largest horse breeds. This horse breed has an average height around 65 – 70 inches and average weight ranges from 900 to 1,100 kg.

The largest horse recorded in history is probably a Shire horse named Mammoth. Its height is 86 inches and estimated weight is 1,500 kg. Another Shire horse named Goliath had held the Guinness record for the tallest horse in the world until its death in 2001.

A Shire horse is showing its great physique and strength.

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