What is weaving?

This is a stereotypical or involuntary repetitive movement as well as a rolling head, probably as well as the neck and front legs, and within the most advanced cases we will see that the hind legs are concerned. sually the horse can try this standing right at the stable door.

Source: pixabay.com
Source: pixabay.com

Weaving is one among the foremost common vices in stable horses, however it’s not forever thought of the basis of muscle issues thanks to the constant rocking. usually in lifestyle we have a tendency to go too quick and that we don’t question people who area unit in reality with the animal additionally as we should always. Horses, very similar to humans, have the urge to steer and socialize, and weaving will start thanks to their restlessness.

In cases of sporting animals, their owner may even see them therefore seldom that they’re utterly unaware of them doing this. As veterinarians, we should always complete our clinical investigation with people who have most daily contact with the horse, therefore we will minimize mistakes and not overlook ethological behaviors or conducts that will be the supply of the matter.

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